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Experienced Help With Modifications After Divorce

Changing an element of your child custody or child support order may become necessary. As children age, their needs may change, and parents may lose jobs, obtain promotions or need to relocate for their jobs. Any of these changes may necessitate a modification to your custody or support order.

Custody Modification

Custody modifications are permissible when some element of your order has changed. Changes like this in your life may make the existing custody order unworkable. You had to move further away from your former spouse’s home for work reasons, or your job now requires you to travel extensively. In the language of the Texas Family Code, the change must have been a “material and substantial change in circumstances” to warrant modification.

Let’s Not Make A Deal

While it may be tempted to informally “work something out” with your child’s other parent, this can be risky. You could be later held in contempt for violating some part of the original order if you do not obtain a formal order from the court approving the modification.

Our lawyers at Travers & Travers can help you determine the type of modification you should request and will work to help you have it approved by the court. As with most family law matters, if you and your former spouse can agree in advance, the changes can be obtained relatively quickly.

Support Modification

Similarly, if you need to modify your child support amount, you need to demonstrate to the court that there has been a substantial change in circumstance justifying the change. Courts are wary of job loss or lower income levels, so it is likely you would need to show that the change was beyond your control, or that the job market has changed such that you will not be able to obtain a job with an equivalent salary.

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