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Seeing The Path Forward Through A Divorce

Coming to the conclusion that a divorce may be in your future is not easy. And, it is often difficult to see the path forward. The attorneys at Travers & Travers understand that you might feel overwhelmed by the life changes facing you or by uncertainty about the process. We strive to help you to make informed decisions during the emotionally stressful time of your divorce. Our firm is made up of two generations of Texas family attorneys. We work as a team to help you and your family deal with the uncertainty and stress of the process to achieve a better future.

More Than 85 Years Of Combined Experience With Family Law

Our attorneys have worked with many clients in all aspects of divorce, child custody and family law matters. With over 85 years of combined experience, Travers & Travers has the in-depth experience to deal effectively with the court system and with other attorneys.

Our goal is to relieve much of the stress by handling the complex, technical requirements of the legal process, thus ensuring that you understand your options before making any decisions. We have the necessary experience to handle:

— Determining whether spousal support is appropriate in your circumstance

— Identifying and dividing marital property

— Providing guidance on child custody and child support issues

— Resolving your divorce whether through negotiation or litigation

We Help You Focus On The Future

The divorce process is sometimes confusing and can even become contentious. The attorneys at Travers & Travers can help you remain focused on the future so that you will be able to allow the past to become just that, the past. Since Texas offers a no-fault divorce, you can move forward without alleging wrongdoing. But, if the circumstances of your case support a fault-based divorce and if it would be in your best interest to allege fault, we will proceed in that manner.

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