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Child Support

As a parent, you want the best possible life for your child. This will involve child support. While there are child support guidelines, not all cases fall within a specific structure. The attorneys at Travers & Travers understand and are experienced in resolving child support matters so your child will be protected.

How Child Support Is Determined

Child support is determined by a complex calculation based on a statutory formula. The amount of child support paid is a percentage of the paying parent’s net income. The parent with whom the child spends the majority of their time is usually the parent who receives child support. In addition to the child support order, there is frequently a medical support order that ensures the child has access to health care.

There is a basic formula that is used in most cases, but deviations may be allowed. If both parents earn a similar income and the child shares time equally between them, there may not be child support. If one parent earns substantially more, then that parent likely will be ordered to pay some amount of child support. Our attorneys can help you understand how this process works.

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