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3 Factors that can contribute to gray divorce

After years of partnership, it can be difficult to come to terms with a marriage that’s ending. There may be decades of memories and emotions to contend with, not to mention they often have to put up with speculation and comments from friends, family and strangers alike.

However, while divorce is not as common for older couples as it is among people under the age of 50, the rate of gray divorce has doubled within the past 30 years. Though a gray divorce may seem out of the blue to outsiders, there are many contributing factors that can lead to divorce later in life.

Getting equal treatment in child custody cases

Fathers in Texas who are going through a divorce may be worried that judges will be biased against them if they are seeking child custody. Traditionally, the family arrangement was usually that the mother took care of the children while the father worked outside the home. If parents divorced, courts usually assumed that the situation should continue that way and gave custody to the mother.

While times and ideas about mothers and fathers have changed, some fathers may still worry that they might be at a disadvantage in a custody case. There may still be an assumption that they are not nurturing, do not know enough about how to care for children or do not have time for childcare. Courts are supposed to base their custody decisions on the best interests of the child, and some may assume that being with the mother is in the child's best interests. However, courts should focus on other criteria to determine the child's best interests, such as the relationship each parent has with the child and how well each parent communicates with the child.

Wealthy couples, investments and splitting up

The longer couples are married, the more assets they usually accrue, and older couples may have to negotiate splitting a variety of assets that can include not only the family home but also investment properties and accounts. Some Texas couples will face this situation if their marriage ends, but there are ways they can protect their investments and interests.

In a high-net worth divorce, it is important for each spouse to walk into negotiations with a clear idea about their assets, investments and the financial state of the couple. They should be clear about who can make withdrawals and other decisions regarding the accounts. Access to these accounts is important as the ex-spouses begin to assess their financial health and plan for the future. The division of these accounts, however, will differ depending on the type of account, and some will be liable to heavy taxes and other penalties if dissolved or split. During this process, the ex-spouses should also be clear about the taxes and penalties they will incur as these need to be taken into consideration when negotiating the division of assets. The same logic applies to dividing retirement accounts since 401(k) and 403(k) accounts are handled differently than IRAs and will require different documentation to split them.

How to help your kids cope with divorce

Divorce is difficult for children. They often struggle when their home life is upended, feeling sad, frustrated, angry and worried. Often, it takes months—sometimes years—for kids to adjust to a divorce. So, while you are most likely dealing with your own emotions about your divorce, don’t forget how it is impacting them too.

Why are older couples divorcing more often?

Divorce is more common than ever in the United States. What was once taboo, nearly half of all marriages now end in divorce. There is one group whose divorce rate has doubled over the last 30 years and that is the Baby Boomers generation.

1-in-4 divorces a decade ago involved a couple over 50 years old. Research shows that the greatest determinant of a marriage’s longevity isn’t infidelity or a mid-life crisis, but the length and number of the marriage.

Signals that a marriage may be headed toward divorce

Texas residents who are wondering if their marriage may be on the verge of falling apart may be interested in hearing what some experts feel are telltale signs that a marriage is on the verge of divorce. Addiction and a refusal to get the needed treatment for said addiction ranks high up on the list of indicators that a divorce may be imminent. It does not matter if the addiction is gambling, alcohol, or drugs. When a person is dealing with addiction and they are not seeking the needed care, they could be putting themselves and those around them in danger.

Some couples are staying together only because they are concerned about what divorce will do to their children. If this is the case, a couple may be in a marriage where there is no connection between the partners. It could be that they are investing so much energy in caring for the children that they are not invested in building a relationship between themselves. One day the children will leave home, and although that might seem like something that is far off in the future, the truth is that that day will come sooner than most think. And then the couple has to ask themselves what they will be left with.

Personality factors can make divorce more likely

A wide range of factors can contribute to a couple's decision to divorce. In many cases, both parties' behavior can contribute to the end of a marriage. Couples may be affected by infidelity, addiction, financial problems or a simple difference in parenting styles or opinions about the future. Still, certain personality factors are more strongly associated with an increased likelihood of divorce, experts say. Being aware of these concerns can help people assess their behavior and work to preserve their marriage.

While people may associate divorce with excessive fighting and ongoing arguments, conflict avoidance can actually be a major factor pointing toward the end of a marriage. It is important that people talk through their problems with one another rather than leaving them unspoken and unresolved. When couples avoid arguments, they may build up silent resentments or long-term alienation, leaving them on a road to growing apart or developing contempt for one another. On the other hand, when one partner constantly tries to take care of and provide for the other partner, without allowing him or her to support them in return, this can also lead to an unbalanced, insecure relationship.

Advantages that single parents have in parenting

Raising a child as a single parent seems like a frightening concept that will soon become reality as you go through divorce proceedings. It's understandable why you'd be afraid going into this new part of your life. You might worry about trying to balance your work life and your family life now that you don't have a spouse to share parenting duties with at home.

However, being a single parent doesn't mean you'll be an ineffective parent. Raising your kid on your own may end up teaching you and your child some new skills that could end up making both of your lives better in the long run.

Six signs that your marriage is over

Most people sense when a relationship is heading to its end. We can sense it through each other’s actions, words and body language. However, most people tend to ignore the signs and wait until the breakup arrives.

It’s slightly more complicated for marriages because there are more hurdles if you break up. There are courtrooms, lawyers and family members involved. However, it’s still critical to recognize the signs of an ending marriage so that you can act swiftly.

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