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Why people get divorced

There are a wide range of issues that can contribute to the end of a divorce. However, married coupled in Texas may be interested to know that there are some divorce reasons that are more common than others.

A list that ranks the most common divorce reasons was created based on information obtained from the a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study involved the polling of 52 people who had taken part, before getting married, in a program designed to instruct couples on developing skills for conflict resolution and communication. The individuals who were surveyed comprised of those who were divorced 14 years after taking the course.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your child after divorce

When divorce splits a parent from their child, it can be difficult to maintain a close bond. In addition to spending more time a part, parents and children often feel upset with all of the big changes the divorce causes.

Whether you are in the process of divorcing or have finished it, follow these tips to keep a positive, meaningful relationship with your child.

What if I can't pay child support due to the government shutdown?

As the second month of the partial government shutdown begins, the financial predicament of income-less federal employees is becoming increasingly dire. Most Americans have less than $400 saved up for a rainy day, so getting by on no income is an extraordinarily difficult endeavor.

The stress of trying to figure out how you'll pay your mortgage or put food on the table is already serious enough. But what if, on top of that, you also had child support payments to worry about?

What to remember during a high-asset divorce

Just after the start of the new year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he would be divorcing his wife of 25 years. While the power couple is clearly trying to maintain a united front, both parties must realize that there could be a lot to gain and lose in the split. Every year, Texas courts dissolve quite a few high-value marriages. Though most Texans primarily view marriage as a romantic union, wealthy spouses often have something more like a business partnership. Any time spouses co-own major assets, disagreements about asset disposition can become acrimonious in a hurry. As if that wasn't bad enough, divorce mistakes can lead to life-changing financial loss.

One key to managing a high-stakes divorce is to maintain focus on a handful of key goals. Realistically, few parties manage to get everything they want during a divorce. Only by compromising can spouses make the best of complicated and occasionally drawn-out divorce negotiations. Compromising in small matters can help one build the goodwill necessary to successfully negotiate larger issues.

Texas divorces spike in January

Many unhappily married couples decide to divorce in January. In fact, the first Monday in January is often referred to as "Divorce Day" among divorce attorneys. There are many reasons for the January spike in divorces. Along with new budgets and diet and exercise routines, many people also wish to make a fresh start with their romantic life for the new year. While some unhappy couples make one last attempt at reconciliation during the holiday months, they may come to the painful realization in January that the marriage is not going to survive afterward.

However, divorce is not something anyone should rush into. Divorce lawyers often tout the benefits of first seeking couples counseling before filing for separation. It's also important to be knowledgeable about the law and the financial impact of divorce before proceeding. If counseling is unsuccessful, parents seeking a divorce should thoroughly research the process and carefully consider the impact on their children.

What you need to know about prenuptial agreements

Many people think signing a prenuptial agreement is the same as planning for your marriage to fail. While a prenuptial agreement does involve planning, it is not planning for your marriage to fail. It just helps you and your soon-to-be spouse plan what happens if that does occur.

A prenuptial agreement also allows partners to have a frank discussion about finances before they marry. It ensures you both are on the same wavelength about how to handle finances going forward. You also gain a firm understanding of your future partner’s financial picture. It eliminates that—surprise, I have a lot of credit card debt—conversation from your future.

Don't get into a gift giving contest with your ex

Splitting up with a partner is always difficult. However, when you share children, things get more complicated. You and your former spouse share custody or conservatorship as it is known in Texas. You may feel sadness and regret, particularly if you spent some of the holidays without your children. You may want to try to make up the time you missed with your children.

Planning a special activity is a great idea. However, you should not try to make it up to your children by overspending on presents, now and in the future. You may also have a difficult relationship with your former partner, but you should also avoid trying to one up him or her in the present department. This behavior is hard on your finances, and it is unfair to your children, not to mention your former spouse. Here are some tips to get you through gift buying without turning it into a competition.

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