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Which co-parenting issues are worth a discussion?

It can be challenging for any parents — married or divorced — to agree on how their children should be raised. If you’re struggling to accept your ex’s parenting decisions or lack thereof, you may feel inclined to discuss the issue.

However, you should carefully consider whether the issue is worth “stirring the pot.” Here’s when a co-parenting issue is worth a potential conflict with your ex.

How does having a disabled child affect custody in Texas?

Going through a divorce, especially when children are involved, can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if you have a child with a disability.

Children react in many different ways to the divorce of their parents. It may affect a child with a disability in a different way than it affects other children.

Divorce and selling the family home

Divorcing couples in Texas will likely have to resolve many issues, one of which is deciding what should happen to the family home. There are many options to consider, and each party may have their own ideas that may conflict with those of the other party.

One of the more popular solutions is for the home to be sold and the proceeds to be divided between the two parties. However, before divorcing couples make a final decision, they should carefully consider all of the factors of selling a home during the divorce process.

Marching toward a grey divorce?

Grey divorce continues to set the trend for older married couples residing in Texas. Many grey divorcees, also known as diamond or silver splitters, are happy to end their long-term relationships. Whether caused by financial issues, adulterous affairs, longer life expectancy rates or addictions, grey divorces are becoming more common in contemporary society. While divorce is on the decline for younger couples, statistics show that there are more cases of grey divorces today than there were a few decades ago.

Grey divorce is a term used to describe a divorce filed by a married couple over the age of 50. Grey divorces typically occur among older spouses who have been married for 20 or more years.

Are courts biased against fathers during custody battles?

In Texas, it is unlawful for a judge to favor mothers during a custody hearing. Ideally, this law recognizes that mothers are not inherently better parents than fathers. However, every case is different. You might need to fight harder than the mother to be granted custody rights and a fair amount of child support.

Creating a visitation schedule that works

Determining a custody agreement is arguably one of the most difficult and emotional aspects of a divorce. It is understandable that neither parent wants to give up time with their children. That is why it is essential to create a fair visitation schedule.

Of course, your visitation schedule depends on the custody agreement. Parents sharing joint custody with split schedules might have more details to work out than a parent with sole custody. However, here are some general tips to make a visitation schedule that actually works:

Preparation can make a divorce less stressful

Texas residents who have been through a divorce know how stressful the process can be. With a little bit of preparation, however, a difficult situation can be a lot more tolerable.

The end of a marriage rarely happens overnight. Often, a marriage deteriorates for years before the decision to divorce is made. It is during this time that a soon-to-be ex should prepare for the eventuality. In some cases, there are actions that can be taken. With other issues, careful consideration and negotiation are required.

Why people get divorced

There are a wide range of issues that can contribute to the end of a divorce. However, married coupled in Texas may be interested to know that there are some divorce reasons that are more common than others.

A list that ranks the most common divorce reasons was created based on information obtained from the a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study involved the polling of 52 people who had taken part, before getting married, in a program designed to instruct couples on developing skills for conflict resolution and communication. The individuals who were surveyed comprised of those who were divorced 14 years after taking the course.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your child after divorce

When divorce splits a parent from their child, it can be difficult to maintain a close bond. In addition to spending more time a part, parents and children often feel upset with all of the big changes the divorce causes.

Whether you are in the process of divorcing or have finished it, follow these tips to keep a positive, meaningful relationship with your child.

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