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Personality factors can make divorce more likely

A wide range of factors can contribute to a couple's decision to divorce. In many cases, both parties' behavior can contribute to the end of a marriage. Couples may be affected by infidelity, addiction, financial problems or a simple difference in parenting styles or opinions about the future. Still, certain personality factors are more strongly associated with an increased likelihood of divorce, experts say. Being aware of these concerns can help people assess their behavior and work to preserve their marriage.

While people may associate divorce with excessive fighting and ongoing arguments, conflict avoidance can actually be a major factor pointing toward the end of a marriage. It is important that people talk through their problems with one another rather than leaving them unspoken and unresolved. When couples avoid arguments, they may build up silent resentments or long-term alienation, leaving them on a road to growing apart or developing contempt for one another. On the other hand, when one partner constantly tries to take care of and provide for the other partner, without allowing him or her to support them in return, this can also lead to an unbalanced, insecure relationship.

Advantages that single parents have in parenting

Raising a child as a single parent seems like a frightening concept that will soon become reality as you go through divorce proceedings. It's understandable why you'd be afraid going into this new part of your life. You might worry about trying to balance your work life and your family life now that you don't have a spouse to share parenting duties with at home.

However, being a single parent doesn't mean you'll be an ineffective parent. Raising your kid on your own may end up teaching you and your child some new skills that could end up making both of your lives better in the long run.

Six signs that your marriage is over

Most people sense when a relationship is heading to its end. We can sense it through each other’s actions, words and body language. However, most people tend to ignore the signs and wait until the breakup arrives.

It’s slightly more complicated for marriages because there are more hurdles if you break up. There are courtrooms, lawyers and family members involved. However, it’s still critical to recognize the signs of an ending marriage so that you can act swiftly.

Common misconceptions about divorce

Misconceptions about divorce could lead people to make errors during the divorce process or to avoid filing for divorce altogether. It is important to understand that certain myths are untrue. For example, some people may assume that if they have separate bank accounts, those accounts will be considered separate property in the divorce. However, this is usually not the case. Most assets will be considered joint property subject to equal division in Texas.

There are also myths around child custody and alimony. Many people may assume that women will get custody and will be paid spousal support. Some men might not even bother applying for custody because their expectation is that it will not be granted. In fact, changing roles in marriage means that more fathers are caregivers for their children and might even be staying home full-time while the mother is the family breadwinner. Courts use the criteria of the best interests of the child to decide who will get custody, and it could be the father.

Women, gray divorce and financial setbacks

In Texas and across the United States, women who are going through "gray divorces" struggle with mounting financial difficulties. Gray divorce refers to when the divorcing individuals are over 50 years of age. Statistics show that gray divorces have increased during the past 20 years. For example, only one out of 10 couples over 50 divorced in 1990 whereas one out of four older couples obtained gray divorces in 2010.

According to a recent Bowling Green State University study, gray divorces present specific financial challenges, especially for women. The study's main researcher said that gray divorce causes significant financial shocks. Getting a divorce after the age of 50 means that the couple's assets are split in half. Consequently, each person only has 50% of the financial savings that existed during the marriage.

Study examines reasons for divorce

Some Texas couples who get a divorce may do so because they no longer feel emotionally fulfilled in their marriages. Researchers who published a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that reasons that people choose to end their marriage may have shifted from those that are behavior-based, such as violence or infidelity, to those that are based in psychology.

The number one reason couples in the study cited for divorce was a lack of love. Almost half said their marriage ended for this reason. In second place was a breakdown in communication. The third most common reason for divorce was a sense that trust had been betrayed and could not be rebuilt. A lack of respect was also cited. According to some research, respect can be even more critical in a relationship than love. The fourth most common reason couples gave for their marriage's end was growing apart. Over time, some couples found that they lacked compatible goals or lifestyles.

How can social media activity impact my divorce?

You use social media to keep up with people you know and update them on your life. Sometimes it’s easy to post without fully thinking through what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, not everyone may be your ally online. Social media can be used as evidence in your divorce. When getting a divorce, being careful on social media is a must.

Three guidelines for parenting well as a divorced dad

After divorce, you may be parenting alone for the first time, which can be pretty overwhelming, especially considering your children may be exhibiting a variety of reactions to your divorce. Divorce causes many changes, and it is natural for a child to grieve the loss of way family life used to be. However, divorce does not change your ability to be a great dad.

As you set out to create a new normal for your family, consider what your children need as they cope with your divorce and what they need to thrive in general. Every child is different, but there are at least three general guidelines to consider as you jump into single parenthood.

What's driving the huge increase in gray divorce?

Divorce among older Americans, once something of a rarity, is becoming much more common. Over the past 25 years the rate of gray divorce has jumped significantly, with couples aged 50 and above now legally separating twice as often as before.

But what's driving this shift? Experts have a few ideas.

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