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Adultery in a Texas Divorce

Although Texas courts have long held that adultery is one of the grounds for divorce, it is less frequently used since Texas became a "no-fault" divorce state in 1970. Nevertheless, it is frequently asserted as an additional ground for divorce which allows a judge to grant a divorce based on finding that one party has committed adultery rather than the judge finding that no one is at fault and instead finding that the marriage has become unsupportable and irreconcilable, hence "no-fault."

Divorce and Your Family Heirlooms

Frequently dividing family heirlooms can become a hotly contested issue in a divorce. Specifically jewelry, photographs, antiques or other collectibles are often the focus of separating parties during divorce. To help determine the disposition of those items, it is necessary to know the origins of each item.

Some relationships may be doomed to fail

Married couples in Texas and around the country often file for divorce following a crisis or traumatic incident. In many cases, these events brought relationship problems to a head that had been simmering for years. Psychologists have identified several types of relationships, and some of them are far more likely to weather marital setbacks and upheaval than others.

When both spouses have strong and competitive personalities, constantly battling for control can become tiring. In these relationships, a traumatic event can prompt one spouse to decide that they have had enough. People who were coddled or spoiled as children are often drawn to partners who take care of them. These marriages often run into problems when the active partner becomes ill and the passive partner is forced to step into the now-vacant caregiver role. In some cases, the active partner becomes resentful and decides to leave when a setback adds to their burden.

Sometimes counseling can help the couple resolve the issue. But sometimes the problems have become so ingrained that counseling is ineffective.

Can my ex make up for missed days in a custody agreement?

Most co-parents know that sometimes scheduling conflicts arise. However, you and your kids can be deeply affected if your ex is consistently unable to follow through with your custody agreement.

Here’s what your options are if they other parent is asking to make up for missed parent time.

Which co-parenting issues are worth a discussion?

It can be challenging for any parents — married or divorced — to agree on how their children should be raised. If you’re struggling to accept your ex’s parenting decisions or lack thereof, you may feel inclined to discuss the issue.

However, you should carefully consider whether the issue is worth “stirring the pot.” Here’s when a co-parenting issue is worth a potential conflict with your ex.

How does having a disabled child affect custody in Texas?

Going through a divorce, especially when children are involved, can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if you have a child with a disability.

Children react in many different ways to the divorce of their parents. It may affect a child with a disability in a different way than it affects other children.

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