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Times when you should establish paternity

by | Feb 9, 2023 |

Paternity tests are more valuable and beneficial than many people realize. Whether you have just found out that a child may be yours, your name was withheld from the birth certificate or you suspect that a child you accepted as yours is not, paternity testing can help.

There are a few common situations when you should consider legally establishing paternity.

The birth mother is filing for child support

If the birth mother has filed for child support, or has expressed her intention to do so, you should confirm the paternity of the child. Even if you accepted paternity from the beginning and your name is on the birth certificate, the court will absolve you of liability for child support if a paternity test shows that you are not the child’s father.

The birth mother is suddenly saying you are not the father

While you hope that both parents can come to mutual agreements about responsibility and caring for children, sometimes the birth mother might deny your paternity if she is trying to relocate with the child. Paternity testing can help you protect your rights.

You have discovered evidence of infidelity

If you previously accepted the child as yours and recently discovered that the birth mother has been unfaithful, consider a paternity test to ensure that the child is actually yours.

These are some of the most common times when paternity testing is beneficial. If you have any questions about the paternity of a child, or you simply want it on record, petition the judge for a test. Call Travers & Travers at 281-492-2166 or email us if you have any questions.