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What are the leading causes of gray divorce?

by | Jan 10, 2023 |

A gray divorce is a term used for divorcing spouses over 50. Since couples have often been together for decades, these divorces can occur for different reasons than younger couples.

While the reasons behind divorce are unique to each family, gray divorces often fit into one of the following categories.

Empty nest syndrome

Many unhappy couples stay together for the sake of their children. As the kids grow up and move out of the home, not only do some people experience depression, but the reasons to stay together no longer exist. Couples may find that once the children move out, they also want to move on with their own lives apart from each other.

A feeling of independence

Another reason older couples consider divorce is that they no longer depend on each other for survival as they once did. Decades of saving and investing money may be enough for each person to live independently. Couples might grow apart, have distinctive dreams and want to live out their lives in very different ways. When the financial means exist to allow this opportunity, some spouses file for divorce to pursue a new lifestyle.

Money troubles

While some couples may have achieved financial success later in life, others can face economic hardships when one or both spouses can no longer work due to older age or forced retirement. These couples might rely on family members or government assistance programs to scrape by each month. The stress of minimal income can push some couples to divorce.

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