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3 signs that it may be time to change your parenting plan

by | Nov 10, 2022 |

Following the determination of child custody in a divorce case, courts urge the co-parents to form a parenting plan that fairly divides rights and responsibilities as they pertain to raising the child. Though this plan should account for the child’s best interests, it may become necessary to make changes in response to certain developments.

A successful parenting plan is one that is fair toward both parents as well as the child. However, you might eventually come across telltale signs indicating that you can no longer consider your parenting plan to be fair as it is.

1. One parent wishes to relocate

If one parent decides to move a significant distance away, whether for work or personal reasons, then the parenting plan should change to reflect that parent’s reduced availability for spending time with the child. Keep in mind that the primary guardian cannot simply move away with the child without the co-parent’s approval.

2. There is a shift in financial circumstances

If one parent suffers a significant financial setback or loses a source of income, then they may be unable to satisfy the full extent of their parental obligations. Your official parenting plan should reflect this change.

3. Your child has a strong opinion

As your child grows into their teenage years, it becomes increasingly important to value their wishes and opinions in regard to your parenting plan. While your initial plan might account for what you consider to be the child’s best interests, a time inevitably comes when children are able to voice their own beliefs about what they want and need.

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