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Why people get divorced

by | Feb 5, 2019 |

There are a wide range of issues that can contribute to the end of a divorce. However, married coupled in Texas may be interested to know that there are some divorce reasons that are more common than others.

A list that ranks the most common divorce reasons was created based on information obtained from the a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study involved the polling of 52 people who had taken part, before getting married, in a program designed to instruct couples on developing skills for conflict resolution and communication. The individuals who were surveyed comprised of those who were divorced 14 years after taking the course.

According to the list, the top reason for getting a divorce is having no commitment to the marriage. People may not harbor any romantic feelings for their partner. Instead, they may feel that their spouse may be a more of a friend that a romantic partner.

Infidelity is another common contributor to divorce. The results of the study indicated that infidelity was a serious turning point in a failing relationship for many of the respondents. Feelings of neglect, fears of being abandoned and issues with insecurity were all cited as common reasons for engaging in extramarital affairs.

Excessive arguing and conflict is another common divorce reason. The participants in the study reveal that there were no peaceful or successful resolutions to their conflicts with their spouse and that the clashing only worsened as time went on.

An attorney who practices family law might advise clients seeking a divorce about which legal avenues should be pursued to obtain the desired divorce settlement terms. The attorney may find it necessary to litigate to protect the rights and interests of clients during disputes regarding spousal support and the division of financial assets.