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What to do after an ex files for child custody

by | Dec 9, 2019 |

When a person finds out that their ex-partner has started the process of seeking child custody, it can cause them to feel anxiety. Texas residents may wonder what steps they can take next in order to help them to prepare for what lies ahead.

The best thing that a person can do is arm themselves with knowledge. Each state has different laws that pertain to families and child custody. Some have statutes indicating that shared custody is a baseline for custody cases. However, each jurisdiction will vary, so understanding how the local courts work is important. Once an ex-spouse files for custody in court, the only thing a person can do is respond and start the court process.

The court is going to closely examine what is best for the children. This means that they are going to closely examine how each child interacts with the parents. They will look at things like the children’s views and preferences and what kind of situation will offer permanence and stability for the children.

A person may decide to represent themselves in court as opposed to hiring an attorney. Contacting the local court will allow a person to get information about legal aid offices and help lines that are designed for those filing for custody pro se. The court will also provide information about how a person should fill out paperwork and file it with the court.

Working with a family law attorney may offer some benefits. The attorney may help a client gather documentation that is needed when filing paperwork and provide guidance that relates to child custody. The attorney may also represent a client in court and argue for their fitness as a parent.