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What not to post on Twitter during your divorce

by | Mar 4, 2022 |

Social media is an integral part of life in the digital age, and many people use it as a timeline of events in their lives.

While updating your digital profiles can be cathartic, using them to document the details of your divorce while the case is pending can ultimately hurt you.


While it is healthy to release your negative emotions and process your loss after a tough breakup, Twitter is not the appropriate venue to vent about your ex. Chances are, it will not help you feel better. Additionally, your spouse will see it even if you think your posts are private. He/she can use this information against you during your divorce settlement negotiations.


Leaving a bad marriage frees you up to find new love. Some divorce cases take a long time to settle, and some parties move on before finalization occurs. However, posting pictures and videos showing off your new partner and bragging about your happier life opens your new relationship up to scrutiny from the court. This can backfire if issues arise while you seek spousal support or primary custody of children.


It can be tempting to check up on your ex’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts during a separation, but you may not like what you find. Instead of wallowing in public self-pity over your breakup, your former spouse may appear to be moving on. Worse, you may see posts that paint you in a negative light, which will only delay your healing.

It may be best to pause your online activity until your divorce is final. If you need assistance understanding the Texas family law and court process, reach out to the team of lawyers at Travers & Travers online or at 281-492-2166.