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What are common reasons people divorce?

by | Jan 31, 2021 |

Most people are able to give some explanation of why their marriage is ending in divorce. They will usually point out an issue or issues that make continuing the relationship unhealthy or impossible.

Psychology Today explains that while there are many reasons people give for their marriages ending in divorce, it is common for the reasons to be the last straw and not completely reflective of the bigger issues in the relationship. However, there do seem to be some themes when it comes to the top reasons people give.

Money troubles

Perhaps one of the biggest causes of divorce is money issues. Finances can cause stress and lead to problems within your marriage that you cannot move past. Whether it is that you struggle with your finances or that one of you has a money-related problem, such as gambling, money can easily tear apart a marriage.

Communication problems

A lack of communication is another major reason for divorce. If you cannot talk through issues and problems with your spouse, it will be very difficult to cultivate a relationship in which you feel loved, safe and comfortable. It can also lead to misunderstandings and constant arguments when you cannot communicate clearly.

Compatibility issues

Whether it is changes in your opinions and values or a simple matter of maturing, over time people change. If it happens in a relationship, it can have a negative impact. Many people discover that after years of being with someone, they do not have anything in common anymore.

There are also situations where a couple changes and discovers they have differences they cannot overcome. For example, once you have children, you may notice you and your spouse have conflicting parenting styles.

In these situations, the problem ends up being incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. It is very difficult to overcome such issues, which will lead to the end of the marriage.