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Tips to protect your marriage from ending in divorce

by | Apr 3, 2022 |

Most couples go into their marriage with the expectation that they will remain together forever. However, in the United States, the divorce rate hovers around 50%.

Here are some tips to keep your union from joining that fate.

1. Have a weekly date

As life gets busy with work and family obligations, it is easy to lose touch with your spouse. You may find yourselves discussing your children and household, but not really connecting with one another. Set aside time each week to avoid losing intimacy with your partner. Just 30 minutes walking in a park discussing your current strifes and showing one another empathy can suffice.

2. Show affection

Everyone enjoys a shoulder rub or a warm hug after a long day dealing with children or working. Remind your spouse of your love by holding hands as you stroll with your family or a quick kiss on the cheek when you arrive home.

3. Resolve conflict amicably

You may feel furious after asking your significant other to take out the overflowing garbage ten times only to wake up to a full receptacle. Reign in that anger and plan a time to discuss your feelings. Set a time limit and let it go after the time is up.

4. Continually envision your future together

As life changes so can your plans for the future both individually and as a couple. Revisit your dreams together every few months to stay connected.

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