Protecting What You Value Most

Tips to protect your marriage from divorce

by | Jun 8, 2020 |

You and your spouse began your marriage deeply in love. Now, you feel like you are fighting every time you encounter each other. Divorce is beginning to look like the only option.

What if you and your spouse have discussed divorce, though, and are not ready to consider it? While ending a marriage is common, it is not inevitable. Some couples can rebuild their rapport and regain happiness.

Seek counseling, classes or books to work through together

Marriage is not perfect, and few couples are lucky enough to never experience big conflicts. As you become entrenched in what feels like an unavoidable path toward divorce, your emotions may feel strong and fluctuate.

Instead of trying to suppress or avoid those feelings, consider pursuits that help detox your mood and repair your marriage. Counseling and relationship classes are great places to start. Reading books on marriage and relationships may provide additional insights or exercises. Whatever therapeutic methods you find appealing, engage in the subject together so you can mutually learn and grow.

Find activities, at home or on the town, to share

Discovering new hobbies you both enjoy may rekindle a connection and provide new topics to discuss together. Likewise, scheduling regular time to dedicate to each other, like date nights, could repair painful perceptions such as not feeling worth the other spouse’s time. Simple excursions like pottery classes, dancing lessons, dinner theater, picnics or bowling nights may be all it takes. Just be sure to change up the events once in a while to avoid getting in a rut.

Take vacations with each other

Once you feel like you are back on the right track, taking vacations together regularly can be beneficial. Everyday life can be full of triggers that cause pain, frustration and stress, and these can wear on a relationship. Finding the right place to get away can help separate your marriage from the rest of life’s pitfalls, allowing you to decompress. However, remember not to let the vacation itself become so complicated or expensive that it adds to your stressors instead of reducing them.