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Tips for communication in a difficult co-parenting relationship

by | Aug 11, 2022 |

Co-parenting is all about both parents maintaining a relationship with the children. Communication is important for successful co-parenting.

Even exes who have a tense relationship and cannot interact in person need to find an effective way to communicate about their children.

1. Limit communications

Whenever you have to communicate with your ex, keep it brief and focused on your children. Do not dredge up old arguments or leave space for new arguments to arise.

2. Keep the kids out of arguments

Do not put your children in the middle when you argue with your ex. Keep them out of arguments and away from the negative interaction between you and your ex as much as possible. Avoid speaking negatively about your ex to your children.

3. Document changes to the schedule

If you need to make a change to the co-parenting schedule for any reason, communicate with your co-parent about this change through text or email. This will give you documentation that both co-parents were aware of the change and agreed to it. This documentation will help if your ex ever claims that you did not show up when expected.

4. Encourage your kids to talk about your ex

No matter how negatively you feel towards your ex, allow your children to feel safe talking about their other parent. Encourage them to share something positive about their time with your ex whenever they return. While they should not feel the need to act as spies for you, if they are comfortable talking to you, they might tell you if something is wrong.

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