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Strange reasons some couples file for divorce

by | Aug 1, 2019 |

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce, but most people in Texas probably think of the decision to divorce as a difficult one. However, some divorce lawyers have reported clients giving reasons for divorce that seemed strange or trivial.

For example, one man said he wanted to divorce his wife because he believed she was trying to curse him. Another said he was doing so because he could no longer bear the sound of his wife’s chewing. A woman said she wanted to divorce her husband because he gave her a dog that ruined the carpet. Another woman filed for divorce after just two months when she was unhappy with her birthday gift of an iPod case instead of jewelry.

Some marriages do not even last 24 hours. One woman decided she wanted to leave her husband during the wedding when he got drunk. She did wait until she returned from the honeymoon trip, which she took on her own, to file for divorce. Another man moved out in the early morning hours of the day following the wedding after having an argument with his in-laws at the ceremony.

Despite these stories, most people who file for divorce have given it extensive consideration and are doing so because of such issues as growing apart, disagreements about money or children, or different lifestyle goals. People who are considering divorce may want to speak with an attorney to learn more about the process and what steps can be taken to pursue an outcome that is aligned with their goals.