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Six signs that your marriage is over

by | Sep 19, 2019 |

Most people sense when a relationship is heading to its end. We can sense it through each other’s actions, words and body language. However, most people tend to ignore the signs and wait until the breakup arrives.

It’s slightly more complicated for marriages because there are more hurdles if you break up. There are courtrooms, lawyers and family members involved. However, it’s still critical to recognize the signs of an ending marriage so that you can act swiftly.

Subtle signs that your relationship is ending

Every relationship is different, so the signs of an impending breakup look different. However, there are six common signs that your marriage may come to an end (or that you will be the one to end it):

  1. Imagining a life without your spouse – It’s normal to imagine your response if your partner left you. However, if you are fantasizing a life without your spouse or don’t mind the idea of being with other people, it’s time to let your spouse go.
  2. Not connecting physically – An emotional connection is crucial for a relationship, but you also need to have a physical connect as well. If you and your partner stopped showing physical affection, it might mean your sexual attraction is diminishing (and your marriage too).
  3. Excluding your spouse from life goals – You may see yourself shifting goals in your education, career or family, but none of your goals include your spouse. If you are starting to exclude your partner’s needs from your goals, it is time to move on to different opportunities.
  4. Giving up on fixing your problems – Every marriage has issues to overcome. If you are uninvested in fixing those problems, it shows you already are done with your marriage.
  5. Hiding secrets from one another – If you are hanging out with an ex or texting people your spouse doesn’t know about, it shows that you don’t value your relationship enough to be honest. The same is true if your partner is keeping secrets from you.
  6. Bottling up all your feelings – Negative feelings are challenging to share, but you can’t hold onto those emotions and expect your marriage to be smooth sailing. You need to share your thoughts with your spouse or find someone else who you do trust to share those feelings with.

There are so many other ways to see an impending divorce on the horizon. But it’s up to you to act on it and let the relationship end with dignity.