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Simple strategies for parenting over a long distance

by | Aug 1, 2019 |

Parents want to have an active role in their childhood, especially after a divorce. But sometimes parents cannot be physically present in their child’s life.

There are so many reasons why a parent has to move away from their child, but it doesn’t matter what the reason is. All that matters is you try to remain in your child’s life despite the physical distances.

Embrace technology

Most people know that technology revolutionized how we connect and share. We have text messages, FaceTime, Skype, phone calls and even apps that allow you to sync your Netflix accounts.

For parents, you need to embrace the technology available to you so that you can spend quality time with your child. Take time each weekend to have a FaceTime call or schedule a daily phone call each night.

Make time for visits

While most parents make plans for their child to come to them, you should consider visiting your child at least twice a year. It shows that you are dedicated to your relationship and want to be an active role model in their lives.

During your visits, take advantage of quality time and time alone with your child. Each visit should optimize your time and give you time away from your co-parent – unless your parenting plan states differently.

Connect through your co-parent

While you want to separate from a spouse, it doesn’t mean they are entirely out of your life. In the case of parents, you need to rely on your co-parent to have sufficient communication with your child when you aren’t there.

Find a simple strategy to communicate to your co-parent and develop a schedule, so you regularly speak with your child, through phone calls, Facetime, etc. You should also return the communication when the child visits you.

With three simple strategies, you can continue your strong bond with your kid across thousands of miles.