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Should divorced parents live near each other?

by | Jan 4, 2021 |

As a divorced parent, your children’s emotional well-being likely represents one of your major concerns. As reported by Mydomaine.com, ongoing evidence-based research suggests that if you and your former spouse live within an hour’s drive from each other, this can greatly benefit your children.

Generally speaking, your children will be happier, more stable, more content and better adjusted if both you and their other parent continue to have positive input in their lives after your divorce. From a practical point of view, however, such continued parenting requires the two of you to live in reasonably close proximity to each other.

Close proximity considerations

Divorce disrupts your children’s lives in ways you may not even be aware of. For instance, they may blame themselves for the family breakup. They may secretly “hate” both of you for destroying what, for them, was an ideal existence. They may well feel abandoned if one of you moves far away.

In addition, your kids realize that they have no control over their post-divorce living arrangements. Requiring them to pack a suitcase and undergo a long drive just to “visit” their other parent is a negative experience for them every time it happens. After all, in their minds, they should not have to “visit” the parent who now lives far away when he or she should still be a big part of their daily lives.

Close proximity benefits

Obviously, living in the same general neighborhood as your former spouse minimizes the visitation aspect of the time your children spend with their other parent. It also makes for a more natural family in the eyes of your children. Furthermore, if you and your former spouse do not have to deal with transportation issues on top of everything else, you likely will have fewer arguments regarding where your children should be when and how they will get there.