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Self-care tips to help your divorce become more tolerable

by | Mar 28, 2021 |

A Texas divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone involved, but if your marriage lasted for many years, the idea of starting over might result in deep depression. Learning to take care of yourself after caring for a spouse and raising children is critical for maintaining a happy, healthy life.

According to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, divorce rates in the U.S. have more than doubled in adults over the age of 50 since 1990. For women 55-65, the divorce rate has tripled. Although it takes time, developing new practices to take care of yourself can help you get through the divorce and embrace your future.

Mental self-care

During stressful situations, it can be challenging to assess, plan and make decisions. Although isolating yourself during this time may seem like a good idea, having support can help smooth the process. However, while some people may provide help, others may make you feel bad about yourself. Avoid these people and surround yourself with only those who help you feel strong and confident.

Begin trying new things, like going to museums or plays. You can start even smaller by finding and preparing a new recipe. Doing something different may help you find new hobbies and interests, rather than lamenting your old life.

Emotional self-care

Changing your behavior and routines takes time, but changing your feeling is much more difficult. If you need a release, get in your car, keeping the windows up and the engine off. No one can hear you scream or cry, and getting the feelings out can be cathartic. Take some deep belly breaths, put on music or visualize a peaceful place or experience. These actions relax the body and help it manage stress.

The challenges and changes you face when ending a long-term relationship can be overwhelming. The emotional impact of divorce can last long after agreeing upon a settlement. Learning new self-care methods can help you move forward positively.