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Parenting tips for divorced dads

by | Jul 23, 2020 |

More modern fathers participate in hands-on child care than ever before. However, many families have a traditional arrangement in which the father works and the mother stays home and cares for children.

If your partner provides most of the daily child care in your home, these tips can help ease the coparenting transition if you plan to share custody after divorce in Texas.

Manage uncomfortable feelings

No matter how or why the marriage ended, you may experience anger, guilt, sadness or all of the above. Projecting these feelings onto your former spouse can ultimately have a negative impact on your children. Keep all interactions with your ex friendly, calm and polite, particularly when the children are present.

Provide structure

Most children thrive on routines. Keeping a regular schedule and having expectations for behavior can help kids feel secure during this emotionally challenging time. Routines and expectations will also help your household run more smoothly, so you spend less time stressed and more time having fun with your children.

Open the lines of communication

A healthy relationship with your former spouse helps foster a healthy relationship with your children. Speak honestly with them about issues involving the children and set coparenting goals that you can work toward together. Discussing schedules and making decisions as a team can strengthen your ability to function as a family after divorce.

Spend quality time

Whether you have 50/50 custody or limited visitation, make the most of the time you have with your children. Spend time talking to them about their interests and doing things they enjoy. Even a simple routine like getting donuts together every Saturday can help your house feel like a home to your kids. Show up to their events as much as possible, even when appointments, meetings and games take place outside your parenting time.

Texas law presumes that a child should maintain a relationship with both parents after divorce in most cases. Prepare for life as a single parent with these strategies for success.