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Is there a right way to break news of divorce?

by | Aug 13, 2020 |

Texas parents like you have a lot to worry about when you split. Who will get the house? How will you divide property and assets? But most important of all, how do you deal with matters related to your child? How do you handle custody? What will your visitation schedule look like? 

You also need to focus on how your child handles the divorce. After all, this can act as one of the most traumatizing periods in their formative years. The impact can last for years to come. 

Working with your co-parent

According to Psychology Today, there is no one right way to tell your child about your divorce. But there are some tactics that work well in almost every situation. For example, you need to work together with your co-parent rather than against each other. Do not take petty snipes at each other. Do not talk to your child separately, but together. Do not deviate from the conversation plan. Do not try to talk badly about your co-parent in front of your child. 

Know your child is more aware than they seem

Children are more aware of things and intuitive than you may sometimes give them credit for. A child can tell when you are presenting something in an inauthentic way. Wait until later to talk to them if you and your co-parent recently had an argument. 

Make sure to emphasize that the divorce does not have to do with your child, too. Children often feel guilt over divorce, especially if it is not clear that they were not the cause. A constant reassurance of your continued love and support is one of the best things you can provide.