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How to travel with children after a divorce

by | Sep 27, 2019 |

Texas is a beautiful state with tons to offer families. However, everyone wants to take time and travel, whether that is to Disney World or Mount Rushmore. Luckily, it’s still possible to do that even after a nasty separation.

Tips for smooth traveling for divorced parents

Divorced parents might need a few extra tips to ensure the best family vacation from them and their children, including:

  • Prep before you plan – Before you pick a destination or buy plane tickets, consider what you need to set up for your custody arrangement. If you are traveling internationally, you need to secure a letter with parental consent from your co-parent before going outside the country. If you are staying in the U.S., still make sure you don’t need prior permission.
  • Establishing rules before takeoff – You should let your kids know what the expectations are before you go on your trip. If you have younger kids, they shouldn’t walk away from you or talk to strangers. If you have older children, give them a budget for spending or guidelines for exploring the area.
  • Make plans together – Most couples plan the daily itinerary together, but you should try to incorporate your child’s interests instead. Ask them what they would like to see or do on vacation. You might be surprised by what plans your child develops.
  • Pack efficiently – Make sure you have any proper documentation, medications and electronic devices your child might need during a long trip. You want to include basics, such as clothes and sunscreen, but also think about how they will communicate with your co-parent during the vacation.Pack a laptop or a cellphone charger to ensure they can always be in contact.

The most critical tip to follow is to enjoy yourself. These family vacations create memories that will support you through your divorce and into your future. It also offers an opportunity to bond with your children, so take advantage of these moments together.