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How does divorce affect your teenagers?

by | Feb 5, 2022 |

Many couples think teenagers can handle their divorce better than little ones.

However, divorce affects life for children of all ages.

Divorce impacts teenagers in many ways

Teens face an onslaught of physical and emotional changes during this stage of adolescence. When parents divorce, they face a new reality in addition to the typical concerns. They may feel angry, confused, anxious and out of control when dealing with new homes, new schools, financial disparity or changes to parents’ work schedules.

Teens deal with intense emotions

Teenagers tend to feel angry and aggressive when their parents divorce. These overwhelming feelings may result in damaging behavior. Adolescents may try to manage their emotions by engaging in activities they wouldn’t otherwise, like early sexual activity or drug use.

Some impacts you may notice during or after your divorce include:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Anger at one or both parents
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fighting with siblings or peers
  • Behavior problems at school
  • Increased anxiety
  • Depression

Parents can help teens cope with divorce

Support your children through this complicated and emotional process by:

  • Keeping things amicable: Teenagers fare better if their divorced parents get along. When couples have high levels of conflict, adolescents face an increased risk of experiencing mental health concerns.
  • Maintaining consistency: Uphold consistent rules and discipline to make your teen feel safe and loved. Keep a regular and predictable schedule as much as possible to provide stability.
  • Offering a safe space: Permit your child to feel and express their emotions and concerns. Be honest about the changes your family faces and allow teenagers to have input about their lives.

Understanding how stressful divorce is for your teens can help you support them and avoid negative consequences. Protect your family by contacting Travers & Travers compassionate team of lawyers online or at 281-492-2166.