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Focusing on quality time with your children

by | Apr 7, 2020 |

One ramification of getting divorced, as a parent in Texas, is that you likely have to share time with the children with your ex. You may only have half as much time with them as you did before.

This can be hard for many parents, who feel that it’s difficult to forge strong relationships with less time. However, experts note that you shouldn’t focus on the amount of time you spend with them, but on the quality of that time together. You want to create memorable moments. You want to make every minute count.

One way to do this is to set up rituals. It can be as simple as declaring Friday to be pizza night or having ice cream and watching a movie every Saturday. Children like structure, and this gives them something to look forward to that they’ll remember forever.

You also want to focus on connecting with them through the things they love. Many parents just drag the children along while they run errands and try to get things done. Instead, set aside time to play with Matchbox cars, read books, go to the zoo, build with Legos or whatever else your child loves. Engaging with them this way shows them that you value them and their interests.

Finally, feel free to slow down. Don’t worry about packing in as much as you can. For instance, instead of driving to the park to save time, spend half an hour walking there. Yes, it takes longer, but that’s a good chance to connect with your child.

As you work out the details of your parenting plan, make sure you think about prioritizing quality time.