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4 possible signs your spouse is planning a divorce

by | May 5, 2022 |

Whether you believe your marriage is going well, you likely do not want a surprise divorce from your spouse. Usually, there are indications and clues that your spouse may be planning to divorce you.

Here are four signs that may show that your spouse is planning a divorce.

They spend more time away

If your spouse begins spending less time with you or makes excuses why they cannot spend time with you, this could be a telling sign. Also, if they do not care where you are or how you are spending your time, that is likely a sign as well.

They become emotionally unavailable

Your spouse may not want physical intimacy or may not open themselves emotionally to you. They may also show less care for your feelings.

They separate their finances

Creating new accounts or credit cards in their name only can indicate they are establishing their own financial and credit history. Moving money to new accounts out of your reach or making large cash withdrawals is also a potential red flag.

They become a more involved parent

If your spouse becomes more involved in your child’s life when they were not before, this could mean they are establishing a case for custody. Your and your spouse’s share of involvement in your child’s life can be a significant factor in a custody determination.

Though many of these behaviors alone may not mean that your spouse is planning a divorce, they are worth investigating. If you notice multiple changes at once, it is prudent to consider the possibility of divorce and prepare yourself.