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3 tips for co-parents to maintain harmony

by | Jan 6, 2022 |

Co-parenting allows your child to maintain a relationship with each parent.

The tone and circumstances of your relationship with your ex will influence the emotional and mental well-being of your child. Working with your co-parent to provide a positive experience for your child is in their best interest.

1. Maintain positive communication with your co-parent

Even if you have negative feelings towards your ex, find a way to keep communication positive. Keep your child in mind and approach any contact with your co-parent as calmly and peacefully as possible. If it helps, approach all communications as you would with a business associate. Make formal requests without emotional pleas or outbursts of anger. Truly listen to their requests and try to compromise.

2. Work together as a team

Work with your co-parent to agree on rules and schedules that your child should expect to follow in both of your homes. If a child breaks a rule in one home, the punishment should follow through in the other home if it still applies. Provide consistency and stability for your child in every way possible.

3. Plan for transitions between homes

Remind your child that they will leave for the co-parent’s house a day or two before and help them pack what they need. Whenever possible, have all transitions occur through drop-offs instead of pick-ups. This will help to prevent interrupting special moments between your child and co-parent. It will also show your child that you are okay with leaving them with your co-parent.

Children model what they see. Provide them with positive examples of communication and problem-solving so that they learn good behaviors.