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Some relationships may be doomed to fail

Married couples in Texas and around the country often file for divorce following a crisis or traumatic incident. In many cases, these events brought relationship problems to a head that had been simmering for years. Psychologists have identified several types of relationships, and some of them are far more likely to weather marital setbacks and upheaval than others.

Divorce and selling the family home

Divorcing couples in Texas will likely have to resolve many issues, one of which is deciding what should happen to the family home. There are many options to consider, and each party may have their own ideas that may conflict with those of the other party.

Marching toward a grey divorce?

Grey divorce continues to set the trend for older married couples residing in Texas. Many grey divorcees, also known as diamond or silver splitters, are happy to end their long-term relationships. Whether caused by financial issues, adulterous affairs, longer life expectancy rates or addictions, grey divorces are becoming more common in contemporary society. While divorce is on the decline for younger couples, statistics show that there are more cases of grey divorces today than there were a few decades ago.

Why people get divorced

There are a wide range of issues that can contribute to the end of a divorce. However, married coupled in Texas may be interested to know that there are some divorce reasons that are more common than others.

Texas divorces spike in January

Many unhappily married couples decide to divorce in January. In fact, the first Monday in January is often referred to as "Divorce Day" among divorce attorneys. There are many reasons for the January spike in divorces. Along with new budgets and diet and exercise routines, many people also wish to make a fresh start with their romantic life for the new year. While some unhappy couples make one last attempt at reconciliation during the holiday months, they may come to the painful realization in January that the marriage is not going to survive afterward.

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