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Why should kids spend time with both parents after divorce?

by | Apr 9, 2019 |

If you are considering divorce and are worried about how your kids will adjust and be happy and healthy post-divorce, then consider these two factors: mom and dad.

Divorcing parents with children often struggle to work out what is best when it comes to custody arrangements. Parents may consider if it is best for children to spend more time with one parent or if the time should be split equally between both parents.

Time with both parents is equally important

With the help of a new study, parents may find the answer. Findings from the study determined that it benefited the child to spend time with both parents. The time spent with both parents included staying overnight. The study also concluded that children who had a good relationship with both parents as an adult had spent equal amounts of time with each when they were young.

High conflict divorce

According to the study, there was no support stating that a high-conflict divorce had a worse effect on the children. The one thing that trumped everything else was a quality relationship with both the mother and father.

Why solo parenting may not be good

Non-custodial fathers have a higher suicide rate than full-time fathers. When parents have an equal amount of time with their children, they experience better emotional and physical health and less stress. This is most likely due to the sense of purpose and gratification that comes from being involved as a parent. A stronger relationship occurs when fathers can take care of infant children and be in charge of things like bedtime and morning rituals. Moms may even find a benefit in letting dad take over by providing a break from the stress of being a solo caregiver.

Since studies show that children do much better when both parents stay in their lives on a consistent basis, it is something you may want to keep in mind during a custody dispute. Family law offers different arrangements for parents to consider, but options in your child custody agreement that keeps both parents in the lives of the children may be best.