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Signals that a marriage may be headed toward divorce

by | Oct 20, 2019 |

Texas residents who are wondering if their marriage may be on the verge of falling apart may be interested in hearing what some experts feel are telltale signs that a marriage is on the verge of divorce. Addiction and a refusal to get the needed treatment for said addiction ranks high up on the list of indicators that a divorce may be imminent. It does not matter if the addiction is gambling, alcohol, or drugs. When a person is dealing with addiction and they are not seeking the needed care, they could be putting themselves and those around them in danger.

Some couples are staying together only because they are concerned about what divorce will do to their children. If this is the case, a couple may be in a marriage where there is no connection between the partners. It could be that they are investing so much energy in caring for the children that they are not invested in building a relationship between themselves. One day the children will leave home, and although that might seem like something that is far off in the future, the truth is that that day will come sooner than most think. And then the couple has to ask themselves what they will be left with.

A third indicator that a marriage may be headed for divorce is if one or both of the spouses do not want to come home. They find themselves looking for excuses to stay late at work. They end up spending the night at a friend’s house just because they want to limit the amount of time they are around their spouse.

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally and financially trying affair. A family law attorney may be able to help their client go through the divorce process by providing them with practical information. This information might include things about custody, dividing property, child support and other divorce-related information.