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Why consider life insurance in a divorce?

When people in Texas decide to divorce, they may have a lot of things on their mind. They may be concerned about child custody, co-parenting or even property division. These are some of the more contentious issues typically involved in divorce negotiations or even a trial in family court. However, one important issue may fall by the wayside too often: Life insurance. While many people divorce in good health and with little expectation that they may pass away in the future, few people can predict sudden emergencies or accidents leading to death.

Settling a divorce versus going to trial in Texas

Divorce can prompt anger, dismay and regret for many people, especially when they look back on what may now seem like wasted years. Some unhappy spouses will be tempted to push for a divorce trial in family court. While their anger may well be justified, the courtroom is not always the best place to address those concerns. There are several reasons why a couple will want to settle their divorce case rather than go to trial.

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