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Tips for creating prenuptial agreements

When two people in Texas marry or even move in together, they might want to consider a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement. However, it is important that they discuss this agreement and how it can mutually benefit both of them. They should also both have legal counsel. A person who is simply presented an agreement drawn up by the other person's attorney may be looking at a boilerplate agreement that does not allow any concessions.

The Hague Convention and international child custody issues

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction, a multilateral treaty, has 98 countries as signatories, including the United States. As international relationships become more common in Texas and across the country, this treaty may become increasingly relevant in child custody disputes. The end of any relationship can lead to serious legal and financial battles, especially when children are involved. Both parents may feel that they deserve sole custody over the child. In addition, when a relationship comes to an end, one parent may want to return to their home country. A shared child and a custody agreement may make this more complicated.

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