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Advantages that single parents have in parenting

Raising a child as a single parent seems like a frightening concept that will soon become reality as you go through divorce proceedings. It's understandable why you'd be afraid going into this new part of your life. You might worry about trying to balance your work life and your family life now that you don't have a spouse to share parenting duties with at home.

Six signs that your marriage is over

Most people sense when a relationship is heading to its end. We can sense it through each other’s actions, words and body language. However, most people tend to ignore the signs and wait until the breakup arrives.

Common misconceptions about divorce

Misconceptions about divorce could lead people to make errors during the divorce process or to avoid filing for divorce altogether. It is important to understand that certain myths are untrue. For example, some people may assume that if they have separate bank accounts, those accounts will be considered separate property in the divorce. However, this is usually not the case. Most assets will be considered joint property subject to equal division in Texas.

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