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Child custody modifications

When parents in Texas divorce, they or a family law court judge will establish a child custody agreement. These agreements address issues such as physical and legal custody, parenting time and, when necessary, child support payments. In most cases, these agreements are binding and will last until a child becomes an adult. However, it is sometimes necessary for parents to request a modification to these agreements.

Types of spousal support in Texas

If you are going through a divorce, you may have been told by friends and family that there is no chance for alimony according to Texas law. This used to be true. Until fairly recently, alimony was not allowed in Texas. Now, however, divorcing people may fight for several types of spousal support assuming they fit the criteria.

Making and changing holiday plans with your ex

Several of the year's biggest holidays are just around the corner and the accompanying headaches might already be making themselves known. As a divorced parent, you already know how difficult it can be to juggle your life, your child, your ex, visitation schedules and other daily responsibilities. The holidays add even more wrinkles to what's already a complicated system.

Can I get the ring back?

An engagement ring is a symbol of unconditional love. When one accepts this piece of jewelry, it signifies the promise of marriage and unity. However, a ring is merely an object. Relationships are prone to change. In a heartbeat, ownership of the ring could be up in the air. A recent California suit sparks an interesting question: Can you take back a ring if the relationship goes south?

Claiming fault in your Texas divorce

Though the decision proved heartbreaking, you decide to file to divorce your spouse. You want custody of your children, and you believe you deserve a larger half of the assets due to your spouse's poor decisions in your marriage.

How to prepare for IV-D court

IV-D court is a child support court that is typically held when one parent accuses the other of not complying with child support payments or a parent wants to change the amount of an existing child support order. IV-D court can also be used to establish paternity of a child.

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